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Ligueglietta is crossed by the way “Via della Costa” which connects a spiritual path between Rome and Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Casa Vacanze Oliveto welcomes pilgrims with credential to sleep in one of the Holiday apartments which is located in directly on the path (via San Rocco 72). The price per person and per night is 25,00 Euro (maximum one night accordingly to availability). This apartment (Pilgrim Hostel) dispose of Internet WiFi, a kitchen, washing machine and centralized heating. A towel, a bed sheet and a blanket will be given to each pilgrim. The apartment can host up to 7 pilgrims.

If you want to read more, please go to the first website dedicated to the VIA DELLA COSTA: From Rome to Santiago de Compostela, pilgrims on the roads of Liguria, 360 km in 12 stages

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“In search of himself: a path, the Cross for the Infinite.” After five years’  search and checks on the territory, we have fullfilled our dream, that is a route linking the two great places of pilgrimage, Santiago de Compostela and Rome, by covering on foot and on days off the stretch  Ponte St. Ludovico – Sarzana. Moreover, since our Liguria is heavily built and tarred, we have  looked for paths and communications not far from the coast alternative to the Via Aurelia.  Ancient stretches of the Roman Way, sometime tarred sometimes cobbled, have been rediscovered. Medieval paths, ” crose” a typical little road in Liguria in the half of two walls among modern buildings, routes in greenery have given the chance to rediscover and live in a country which can still give strong emotions  because of its scenery and the charme of its ancient villages.  The deep spririt of this land can be caught in the lights, the perfumes, the art and work of our ancestors, all of which are preparatory elements to the aim of being a pilgrim.  We have not achieved this goal by ourselves, that is why we are gratefull to Franca Remotti from San Remo, our friends Rita and Italo Graziano, Alain Le Stir, Paolo Pometto, Guido Piccon, Giorgio Giacobbe, Matteo Tomatis, Claudia Barbieri, Gianni Odasso Vito Clarisio, Paolo Revelli, Anna Bonavera and Francesco Rocchi for their help and encouragement, Sandro Abbo for historical research,  St. James Brotherhaod from Perugia for their first push and acknowledgement of the route in the province of Imperia. In addition, our gratefull thanks to the province of Imperia and Ms. Sonia Zanella who has marked the Imperia stretch and last but not least, to all the reception points for their collaboration and confidence in this project. Our hope is that this activity will arouse Ligurian authorities sensitivitiy to follow the exsample of the Imperia province by completing the marking of the route in the whole region.

Anna Rocchi e Silvio Calcagno

Reflections of a parish priest A pilgrim’s credentials are in my hands and I am thinking about how everything started years ago,even before this parish chose “officially” to lodge pilgrims on the road towards Roma, Santiago de Compostela or along VIA DELLA COSTA.  Its was an evening some years ago, when a pilgrim asked for shelter: he slept on the floor of the parish hall.  Since then a lot has changed, certainly for the better: now everything is room with more “professionalism”, there is a cosy room and a shower.  However the spirit has not changed, the spirit which ought to animate every cristian, every priest:”I was ungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink; I was a stranger and you received me in your homes…”(Matthew, 25, 35).   A big thank to Anna and Silvio who have always had this activity at hearth, and like many others look for themselves, on the road towards the Infinite. Father Paolo, Sacred Family’s parish priest (Imperia)

The yellow arrow on the routes of VIA DELLA COSTA is bifront because indicates two destinations: Santiago of Compostela  and Rome.

 The yellow arrow ”I’m lost in the safety, simplicity, functionality and inexpensiveness of a simple yellow arrow, ready to drive me for 1000 and more km. I have felt cuddled, beloved, every day I looked for it and every day I found it; it points out your way; you turn the eye, you see it on the path, on a stone, on a telegraph-pole, sometime in the shine of its colour, or faded by the sun, nobody removes it, nobody touches it, in its stillness it moves with you, a lot of times I have lost it, but I(thanks Walter!)     have always found again . So many times  it has been friend of loneliness, more I continued in my way and more it became part of my pilgrimage, of my days, with the strength to bring me in an ancient world of signs respected of easy consultation but of extraordinary effectiveness and safety. 2002″ the Yellow Arrow accompanies thousand of Pilgrims, to the discovery of themselves and the conquest of Santiago…”

(…tu camino va a  Santiago y tu… à donde vas? by Accob Retlav. 2003) 

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